History will judge John Archibald Wheeler as one of the towering intellects of the twentieth century.

Paul Davies    

Barrow, John D, P. C. W Davies, and Charles L Harper, eds. Science and Ultimate Reality: Quantum Theory, Cosmology,and Complexity. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2004. Print.

 …I am in awe of great physicists like Professor Wheeler.

Karl Popper

Medawar, Peter Brian, and Julian H. Shelley. Structure in Science and Art: Proceedings of the Third C. H. Boehringer Sohn Symposium Held at Kronberg, Taunus, 2nd-5th May 1979. Amsterdam-Oxford-Princeton: Excerpta Medica, 1980. Print.

This quote by Popper was said during a lively discussion of Wheeler’s approach in which Popper was defending Einstein’s disapproval of the Copenhagen Interpretation.

…one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century…

Jim Al-Khalili

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Vlatko Vedral

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…one of the most respected physicists working in cosmology…

Brian Clegg

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[a] very capable physicist

Edward Teller

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[Wheeler was] something approaching a wonder of nature in the world of physics.

James Peebles

Princeton Obituary

…a sage of modern physics…

David Lindley

Lindley, David. The End of Physics: The Myth of a Unified Theory. New York: BasicBooks, 1993. Print.

 He was a theoretical physicist of the first order….

Tullio Regge 

Levi, Primo, and Tullio Regge. Dialogo. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 1989. Print.

Wheeler, whose career spanned seven decades, was admired and respected – even revered by some – for his contributions to a wide range of physics, for his style, and for his remarkable gifts as teacher and mentor.

Kenneth Ford

Ford, Kenneth.  Giant of Physics John Wheeler Dies.Physics World

For me, he was the last Titan, the only physics superhero still standing.

Max Tegmark

Overbye, Dennis. “John A. Wheeler, Physicist Who Coined the Term ‘Black Hole’.” New York Times 14 Apr 2008